Blue Fish Memo Repository (Internal Use Only)

Blue Fish Staff and Doctors: We will be using this internal page as a Memo repository for reference.  This page is not linked on our public website nor intended to be shared publicly.

09.10.2022 Memo for Specialist Referral Questionnaire – Revised

08.18.2022 Memo for High Risk Patients and the Flu Vaccine

08.18.2022 Memo for updated employee tb screening (Healthcare settings – TB risk assessment)

08.17.2022 Employee Symptom Decision Tree

08.17.2022 Updated Memo on Non-Urgent Visits

05.31.2022 Memo on COVID Symptoms and Results

05.12.2022 Memo on Non-Urgent Visits

05.05.2022 Memo on Self-Pay Medical Supplies

04.19.2022 Memo on Masking Update

04.15.2022 UPDATED Memo on High Priority Document

04.07.2022 Memo on On-Call Docs Requesting Appointments

04.06.2022 Memo and Updated SOP on Handout Ordering

04.05.2022 Memo on Prescription and Legal Document Folder

03.29.2022 Memo on Therapy Forms

03.11.2022 Memo on ADHD Refill Requests

01.27.2022 Memo and SOP for Covering Doctors

01.13.2022 Memo on Employee COVID Testing

12.15.2021 Memo on Rooming COVID Positive Patients

12.15.2021 Memo on Self-Pay Newborns

12.15.2021 Memo on Upset Parents

12.14.2021 Memo on Going Over Allotted Days After Christmas Party (effective 2022)

11.26.2021 Revised Memo on Inactive or Deceased Patients

11.18.2021 Memo on COVID Vaccine Mandate

10.29.2021 Memo on Christmas Party COVID Related Requirements

10.29.2021 Memo on Employee COVID Testing

09.17.2021 Memo on Updated Adolescent Questionnaire

09.17.2021 Memo on Updated Cardiac Risk Questionnaire

09.17.2021 Memo on M-CHAT-R

08.04.2021 Updated Memo on Lunch Break Safety

07.22.2021 Memo on Spacer Cost Increase

06.23.2021 Memo on Travel Between Offices (Staying Clocked In)

06.21.2021 Memo on Employee Screening No Longer Necessary

06.17.2021 Memo and SOP About Signing Off on New Doctors

06.10.2021 Memo on Pre-COVID Scheduling Template Update

06.10.2021 Updated Memo on Template for PPE Reimbursement

06.02.2021 Memo on Minimum Number of Doctors at Each Office

05.11.2021 Memo on New Parental Leave Policy

04.30.2021 Memo on Student Shadow Requirements

04.29.2021 Memo on Employee COVID Test and Their Time Off

04.29.2021 Memo on High Priority Documents

04.21.2021 Memo on Questionnaires

04.15.2021 Revised Memo on New Referral Bonus

04.05.2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Waiver Memo

04.05.2021 Memo on Supervisor Time Off Requests

04.01.2021 Updated Memo on Lunch Break Safety

03.12.2021 Memo on Updated COVID-19 Attire

03.05.2021 Memo on Updated Schedule Template

03.02.2021 Memo on Updated Quarantine Guidelines After Vaccination

02.23.2021 Memo on Emailed Pictures

02.12.2021 Memo on Staff Recognition via Gift Cards

02.01.2021 Memo on Coverage Travel

(Old) 08.10.2018 Memo on Locking Charts at End of Day