Blue Fish Pediatrics has its own list of pediatric specialists we prefer to use. This list, available upon request, has been compiled with our personal interactions with these specialists and our appreciation of their medical knowledge. When allowable by the patient’s health insurance provider, we will always try to use a specialist we are familiar with. If our recommended specialists are not allowable through the patient’s health insurance, we will work hard to find a good alternative.

Typically, most health insurance policies require a referral from a pediatrician to see a specialist. These referrals will be completed within 2 business days. In the event of an emergency referral, it will be done the same day.

Please contact the specialist’s office 2-3 business days prior to your visit to verify that the referral process has been completed. This will ensure no unwanted complications on the day of visit. Should there be a question or necessary paperwork to be completed, please contact our front office for assistance.

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