COVID-19 Playbook (Internal Use Only)

Blue Fish Staff and Doctors: We will be using this internal page to keep everyone up to date on all COVID-19 and Telemedicine protocols.  Please do not share this URL with anyone outside of Blue Fish.

08.04.2021 Fully Vaccinated Employee Symptom Decision Tree

08.04.2021 Non-Vaccinated Employee Symptom Decision Tree

08.04.2021 Updated Student Symptom Decision Tree

05.14.2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Coadministration

05.04.2021 Email on COVID-19 Updates (Rollbacks)

04.29.2021 Memo on Employee COVID Testing and Time Off

04.27.2021 Your Risk for COVID-19 Chart

04.27.2021 Exposure to COVID-19 Triage Chart

04.27.2021 Updated Student Symptom Decision Tree

04.27.2021 COVID-19 Positive Return to Play Guidelines

04.26.2021 Updated Employee Symptom Decision Tree

04.05.2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Waiver Memo

04.01.2021 Updated Memo on Lunch Break Safety

03.12.2021 Memo on Updated COVID-19 Attire

03.05.2021 Memo on Updated Schedule Template

03.02.2021 Memo on Updated Quarantine Guidelines After Vaccination

12.07.2020 Primary v Secondary v Tertiary Exposure Triage Chart

11.20.2020 Coming into Clinic Guidelines

8.25.2020 Mask Exemption Note Policy

07.24.2020 Updated One-Parent Policy

7.20.2020 Patient and Parent Return to Clinic Guidelines

7.20.2020 Employee Return to Work Guidelines

7.6.2020 Memo on Newborns Born to COVID Positive Moms

6.19.2020 Memo on Valve Masks

6.16.2020 Daycare or Parents Work – COVID-19 Triage Chart

6.15.2020 Memo on Employee COVID Testing

6.9.2020 Grandparents Visiting Newborns Guidance

6.5.2020 Updated Blue Fish Travel Policy

5.22.2020 COVID-19 Summer Camp Guidance

5.22.2020 COVID-19 Travel Guidance

5.22.2020 COVID-19 Guidance on Spending Time with Family and Friends

5.22.2020 COVID-19 Daycare Guidance

5.21.2020 Memo on Daily Staff Screenings

5.21.2020 Memo on Staff Wearing Masks

4.9.2020 COVID-19 Testing Options for Patients

3.24.2020 Stay Home Work Safe