An update from Dr. Kristen Diao at Blue Fish Pediatrics in Katy:

Dear Patients and Families,

It has been my greatest joy and honor to serve you and your family at Blue Fish Katy. I have loved your children like they were my own and that is what makes saying goodbye so hard to do.

As of 6/1/2023, I will no longer be available to serve as your pediatrician at Blue Fish Katy. My husband, who is also a physician, is finishing his training and has taken a job in the Los Angeles area so we will be making our move this summer.

I truly cannot thank you enough for entrusting me with the care of your children. I have loved sharing the laughs, tears, and wonder of watching your children grow. It has been so special raising my young children alongside you as well. I will miss every one of you dearly!

To help facilitate this transition to a new doctor, we have 3 options available for your family.

  • I would like to stay at Blue Fish Pediatrics Katy. 
    • Currently, Drs. McCorvey, McGhee, Mann and Wallenmeyer are unable to become the designated pediatricians for the patients of Dr. Diao. Their practices are at the optimal size to serve their patients.
    • We understand that many families would prefer to change to a pediatrician they have already met. However, we request that you see Drs. Shaw, Bayona or Madhavarapu at least two office visits before deciding if they are a good fit for your family. At that time, if you still prefer another physician at Katy, please contact the office manager.
  • I would like to transfer care to a pediatrician at another Blue Fish Pediatrics office.
    • Please email the office where your preferred doctor practices to request a transfer of care.
    • You will be welcomed into their practice if they are accepting new patients.
  • I would like to transfer care to a pediatrician at another non-Blue Fish practice.
    • Please reach out to that office to join their practice and have them send us a release of medical records request or email us the completed request form from our website.  There is no charge to transfer records to another pediatrician.

We appreciate that you have chosen Blue Fish Pediatrics as your pediatrician and all of us look forward to providing the best of pediatric care in whichever doctor you choose.


Dr. Kristen Diao

Blue Fish Pediatrics