Head Injury

With any head injury it is common to have any of the following symptoms: Mild Headache Dizziness Vomiting (once or twice) Mild Confusion/Sleepiness For a bruise or bump:  Use a cold pack (ice pack) wrapped in a towel as often as your child will let you.  Apply the pack for 20 minutes on, 40 [...]

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A concussion is any injury to the brain that disrupts normal brain function.  Concussions are typically caused by a direct or indirect blow or jolt to the head. All concussions are serious, and all athletes with suspected concussions should not return to play until they see a doctor. When do concussions occur? Concussions can [...]


Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Risks All sports have a risk of injury. In general, the more contact in a sport, the greater the risk of injury. Most injuries occur to ligaments (connect bones together), tendons (connect muscles to bones) and muscles. Only about 5 percent of sports injuries involve broken bones. However, the areas where bones [...]

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