CPR Training for Parents

If you would like to find out how to receive CPR training for parents, please visit the American Heart Association and search for a class location near you.

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Temper Tantrums (NYT Article)

Temper Tantrums The New York Times: A Field Guide to Taming Tantrums in Toddlers Tantrums inspire anxiety in many parents. Type “how to tame tantrums” into a search engine, and you get hundreds of thousands of results. Given how destabilizing tantrums can be, this intensity of parental concern makes sense. Out of nowhere, your [...]

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Temper Tantrums (AAP)

Temper Tantrums: A Normal Part of Growing Up American Academy of Pediatrics Strong emotions are hard for a young child to hold inside. When children feel frustrated, angry, or disappointed, they often express themselves by crying, screaming, or stomping up and down. As a parent, you may feel angry, helpless, or embarrassed. Temper tantrums [...]

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The following article can be found at peterjung.blogspot.com Post #47 How to Optimally Utilize Tamiflu The take home message is that because of side effects and costs, using Tamiflu during the flu season should not be a knee-jerk reaction. Every year in the United States, the CDC estimates that influenza results in between 9 million [...]


Wart Treatments for Home

Wart Treatments for Home Salicylic Acid (OTC 17% strength like Compound W, Dr Scholl’s, etc) LIQUID: Apply from the bottle with the tiny brush supplied, so that a dot of liquid sits on the wart's surface until it turns white. WART STICK: use like chapstick/lipstick and rub a thin layer on the exposed (raised) [...]

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Travel Handout

Airplane Travel When traveling with young infants on the plane, if possible you may want to use a car seat.  You should check with the airline if this is feasible.  There is the possibility that you may have to pay for an extra ticket, but often an infant is free (children under 2yo) as [...]

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