Three of our locations will be hosting a Flu Clinic this Saturday, October 20 from 8AM to 1PM:

Cypress (9530 Huffmeister)

We do have sufficient commercial flu vaccines for all ages in stock at all three locations.  All three locations, however, only have a limited amount of VFC flu vaccines.

If you are a Medicaid or CHIP patient who would normally receive the VFC flu vaccine, you can choose to pay cash for a commercial flu vaccine at your location’s Flu Clinic if that clinic does not have VFC flu vaccines in stock.  You may also choose to wait until we receive more VFC flu vaccines.  Please visit our Flu Information page to check if/when our VFC vaccines are available at

For more information about the VFC program, please visit

For logistical reasons, Saturday Flu Clinics are only for those patients whose medical home is that location.

To learn how to get your flu shot from your Blue Fish home clinic, please read the Flu Newsletter specific to your Blue Fish home.  All Flu Newsletters can be found here: