Recent studies show a reduction in adverse events and improvement in immune protection following an 8-week interval (rather than a 3-week interval) between COVID-19 vaccine doses #1 and #2 for ages 18 – 39 years old.

Based on these studies, we will start recommending the 8-week spacing interval for all patients eligible to receive the vaccine. Although the CDC currently recommends a 3-week interval, we have decided to adopt the 8-week interval between COVID-19 vaccines for all ages.

Although we are recommending the 8-week interval, patients are still able to follow the 3-week interval (or longer) should they wish to do so. The benefit of a 3-week interval is a faster pathway to achieving a higher level of protection. This may be desirable for planning trips or visiting potentially immunocompromised friends and family.

If you currently have a 3-week interval vaccine appointment scheduled, you can keep that appointment. If you would like to change to an 8-week interval, please call our front office and they will be happy to assist in rescheduling the appointment.