Crossed Eyes

Many babies look cross-eyed now and then.  Usually this is caused by muscles that are temporarily out of balance.  Also, the wide skin area that babies have across the nose can make the eyes look crossed when in fact they are not.  If your child is crossing their eyes past three months of life, please bring it to our attention.  Also, if you notice that the photograph-induced “red eye” in family pictures is not the same in both eyes please bring the picture and your baby to the office for an eye check.

Crusty Eyes and Blocked Tear Ducts

It is common for babies to wake up with yellow discharge around the eyes or have persistent tearing of one or both eyes.  Most likely their tear duct is blocked.  Most babies have this problem at one time or another and with most babies it resolves within one year with little intervention.  Remember, your baby is small and so are their tear ducts.  Because they are small, the ducts easily become blocked.  If there is no redness or swelling around the eye, it is unlikely that the eye is infected.  When in doubt, bring in your child for a visit.  To treat a blocked tear duct, gently massage between the affected eye and nose for several minutes, three to four times a day.  Applying a warm towel, while you massage, may also help.  If the problem is still present at one year of life, we may need to send your child to an eye doctor (but not any sooner).