Dear Blue Fish Family,

The news of a cancer diagnosis can rock any family. When the diagnosis is for a 3-month-old boy, it can feel even more desperate. Arham is now 5-months-old and undergoing chemotherapy treatments to fight the two aggressive blood cancers that he was diagnosed with – acute myeloid leukemia and mixed-lineage leukemia. He’s been through a lot – including cardiac arrest as a complication from the chemo. He needs a bone marrow transplant.  He’s also a Blue Fish patient.  Arham’s parents have asked us to reach out on his behalf.

For Arham to win his fight, his doctors are hoping to get to transplant after this round of chemo, and that means there are only a few weeks to find a matching bone marrow donor. This search is at a critical point and Arham and his family needs help now.

His Pakistani heritage means that there’s less of a chance for him to find a match – only 2 percent of the database represents people of South Asian descent. Bone marrow matches are most likely between people of similar ethnic background.

Healthy babies at this stage of their life are learning to roll over and are taking their first bites of food. They are smiling and laughing with their family. They are not staying in hospitals for weeks at a time enduring chemotherapy. Help us give Arham a second chance at life.

You can register as a donor using this link:

Please join us as we pray for him to find a donor!

Thank you.

Blue Fish Pediatrics