Weird Stools, Diaper Stains, and Constipation

Weird Stools Your baby’s stools will probably change in color, softness, and frequency from time to time.  Also, different babies have different bowel habits.  Some have a stool with every feeding; others may have one stool every few days.  The consistency and color varies from day to day. When you come home from the [...]

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Influenza (flu) usually comes on suddenly. In many cases you can pinpoint the hour when symptoms started. Symptoms develop 1 to 4 days after your child is infected. Classic flu involves fever for about 3 days, followed by a gradual decrease in other symptoms. Fever is usually slightly lower on the 2nd & 3rd [...]


Fever (Infant)

We have a Fever video available on YouTube: Call our office or page operator (after hours) if your baby is younger than three months of age and develops a fever (rectal temperature of more than 100.4°F). Do not give Tylenol to a baby less than three months old without talking to us first.  The [...]

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Occasional colds are unavoidable in babies and children.  The average baby will contract eight to twelve colds per year! Colds which involve no more than a runny nose and a mild cough and even fever can be handled at home.  If your baby has other worrisome symptoms, however, we’d like for you to call [...]


Crossed Eyes, Crusty Eyes, and Blocked Tear Ducts

Crossed Eyes Many babies look cross-eyed now and then.  Usually this is caused by muscles that are temporarily out of balance.  Also, the wide skin area that babies have across the nose can make the eyes look crossed when in fact they are not.  If your child is crossing their eyes past three months [...]

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Fontanelles and Flattening of the Head

Fontanelle and Skull Sutures The soft spot on your baby’s head (fontanelle) is an area where the skull bones haven’t yet joined.  The soft spot is covered by thick, tough tissue that protects the brain tissue underneath, so you needn’t worry about hurting it.  If you sometimes notice slight pulsation of the soft spot, [...]

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Jaundice and Skin

Jaundice The majority of babies will display some yellowness (or jaundice) in the first few days of life (especially breastfed babies).  This is because the baby’s liver is not yet fully mature and cannot process a normal human waste product called bilirubin.  Most infants’ jaundice will improve without any intervention.  However, some children will [...]

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Care of Genitals and Breasts

Care of the Genitals for Males For the first few days after having a circumcision you will need to regularly apply Vaseline over the circumcision.  This should be done with each diaper change.  After about a week, the skin should be healed well enough, and this practice can be discontinued. For a circumcised child, [...]

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Nasal Congestion, Umbilical Cord Care, and Circumcision

When a baby enters the world, it is an adjustment. A few mild symptoms may occur and, especially if this is your first baby, they may worry you. Some newborn care and normal conditions of the newborn period are described below. Nasal Congestion During the first two to three months of life, most newborn [...]

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Hospitalizations, Poisoning, and Medications

Warning Signs of Severe Illness We’d like you to be familiar with a few warning signs of severe illness.  Just because your child has one or more of these signs doesn’t necessarily mean a severe illness is present.  However, it could be the case.  Call us if you note any of the following warning [...]

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