COVID-19 Return to Sports

If your child has tested positive to COVID-19 and need a “Return to Sports” clearance from your doctor, please submit the form below. If you answer “Yes” to any of the symptom questions below, you will need to be seen in office for a physical examination and therefore do not have to submit this form. Please call your office to schedule an appointment. If you answer “No” to all of the symptom questions below, please submit this form and our medical staff will reach out to you in regards to a COVID-19 clearance form. Thank you.

This form is for confirmed positive COVID-19 patients only. If your child has tested negative for COVID-19, you do not need a Return to Sports clearance. If your child has not tested for COVID-19 and you suspect your child has COVID-19, we recommend testing your child either 5 days after a high risk exposure or at the start of symptoms. You can return to this form if the test comes back positive for COVID-19. Click here to start a COVID-19 Self Assessment to determine if testing is appropriate.

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