Changes Coming to Blue Fish Cypress FAQ

We are pleased to announce that after 15 years of providing exceptional care to the patients of Blue Fish Pediatrics Cypress, Drs. Jill Eddings and Suyearn Yu will be leaving Blue Fish Pediatrics to pursue their lifelong dream of opening their own, independent pediatric practice, Magnolia Lane Pediatrics. We wish them success in their new venture.  Their last day seeing patients at Blue Fish will be on Monday, March 6, 2023.  They will see patients in a normal fashion until their departure.

Is Magnolia Lane Pediatrics associated with Blue Fish?
No. Their new office is an independent joint venture and is not affiliated with Blue Fish Pediatrics in any way.

Where is their new practice and how can I contact them?
They will be located in the Bridgeland community. They can be reached at 346-331-4MLP (4657) or

I’d like to follow them to their new practice. What do I need to do?
Please contact their new practice to discuss accepted insurances and any required transferred medical records (you can use our Transfer of Medical Records Authorization form if needed). To preserve continuity of care, we recommend scheduling your next well child care visit with them after their new practice is open.

I plan on following them but I’d like to be seen at Blue Fish until they’re open. What do I need to do?
Until their practice is open, Blue Fish pediatricians will accommodate all medical needs, including refills, as it has previously been done when Drs. Eddings and Yu have been out of the office.

Who will be replacing Drs. Eddings and Yu?
Dr. Kevin Doan will be joining Blue Fish Cypress and will begin seeing patients starting July 31, 2023. Please visit Dr. Doan’s bio page on our website to find out more about him. Dr. Doan trained at Blue Fish during his residency. He will become the designated pediatrician for former patients of Drs. Eddings and Yu.  We are confident he will provide the same quality of care to which you have become accustomed.

Who will care for my child until Dr. Doan arrives?
Until Dr. Doan’s arrival, Blue Fish pediatricians will be happy to care for you as they have previously when Drs. Eddings and Yu have been out of the office.

Can I transfer my child to an existing Blue Fish Cypress PCP?
Currently, Drs. Mucher, Meadows, and Ho are unable to become the designated pediatricians for the patients of Drs. Eddings and Yu. Their practices are at the optimal size to serve their patients.
We understand that many families would prefer to change to a pediatrician they have already met. However, we request that you complete at least two office visits with Dr. Doan before inquiring about another PCP.

Will we still be able to get same-day sick visits?
Yes. As always, we will do our best to accommodate all same-day sick appointment requests.

I need to get a hold of a physician after hours. Will this affect my ability to do so?
No. We have made arrangements to make sure that we have adequate after hours on-call coverage.

I would like to transfer care to a pediatrician at another Blue Fish Pediatrics office.
Please email the Blue Fish office where your preferred doctor practices to request a transfer of care. You will be welcomed into their practice if they are accepting new patients.

I would like to transfer care to a pediatrician at another non-Blue Fish practice.
Please reach out to that office to join their practice and have them send us a release of medical records request or email us the completed request form from our website.  There is no charge to transfer records to another pediatrician.

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